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A. Our service remains in-person for selected geographic areas and in virtual formats around the globe. Aspire knows that help can only occur through the ease of our clients, so we offer multiple solutions. 

A. There are many providers offering similar services to Aspire, and they are all unique! We welcome the company, because every person is unique as well, so naturally we have a better “fit” in areas others may not. Large established organizations are that way because they have a history of good service.  However, Aspire can not only provide the same level of quality service, but it’s intimate structure as a company offers a flexibility that large companies cannot. We feel this is our competitive advantage. 

A. Your Aspire staff will guide you through the process of working  with community partners and establishing  connections with companies who may assist in finding employment for your loved one. While aspire does not  facilitate employment, we will work hard to ensure that we help you identify when your loved one is ready for the challenge and independence of a job well-done and can enjoy pride well-earned!

A. Aspire can make suggestions on how to give your loved one the benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation in an informal setting. Sometimes, making smaller plans in your daily schedule, or with a business owner you know, still yields increased feelings of independence without having to go through a formal rehabilitative process. Let us help you explore some concepts that may help! 

A. Everyone’s situation is unique, and truly, there are no limitations on when you feel its appropriate to ask for additional insight on how to pave a path to independence for you and your loved one. However, it is common for our clients to call upon us during periods of uncertainty or transition, or if a caregiver suspects their loved one (and themselves) may benefit from finding ways to instill factors for independence and emotional wellness in their daily routine. 

A.You may contact Aspire by telephone, email, or through our “Contact” area of this website! We respect your privacy and recognize that your questions may be about specific medical information. Please don’t feel like you need to disclose sensitive information when reaching out to us electronically. We are happy to discuss that personally when we contact you!

A. If you hire Aspire for support services, we can help evaluate and recommend a path to receiving vocational rehabilitation benefits. Though we will not be the direct provider in those services, we can demystify the process, help you analyze and prepare in your personal situation for that transition into a journey of increased autonomy. 

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