Vocational Rehabilitation

A job well-done, and pride well-earned.

A person living with disability that creates limitations on their ability to complete tasks for themselves can be very frustrating, and often times, it can affect personal satisfaction and pride in their everyday experience. However, when you add an element of guidance in a vocational setting- to ensure the individual an environment that is conducive of support for completing tasks, not only for themselves, but for an employer, some of that pride is restored. Caregivers and our participants enjoy a “job well-done” feeling, and also have a great outlet for intellectual stimulation and physical activity.

Vocational Rehabilitation 1

Mentorship and Coaching

Personal coaching , sharpening skills, and mentorship to those with a level of disability that isn’t sever enough to necessitate constant supervision while on the job is best suited for this type of assistance. Learning ways to retain the knowledge needed to complete employment tasks in a separate time and place independently is the goal for this type of coaching.

Vocational Companion and Coaching

In addition to the services listed above, your loved one can enjoy the additional support of a watchful eye during the course of employment to help maintain a setting that is safe and free of potential barriers. This service can be the exclusive offering, or as a stepping-stone to gaining the confidence to an independent work setting as described above.

Vocational Rehabilitation 2

In either setting, your loved one will be armed with the support and tools they need to restore their sense of self, accomplishment, and pride with our care.

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